Web Application Development

Majestic Technosoft with the help of its multi-skilled team has delivered award winning web solutions including custom web application development. We have an unbeatable technical advantage, because we have deployed an exclusive team for technical research which concentrates on learning new and upcoming technical advancements.

Our work displays our competency in both realms – Open Source and Microsoft. Hence, we never let our client investment go in vane and build an application based on available IT infrastructure. Our design and development is not only user friendly but also friendly with search engine bots and spiders.

Our commitment towards building a long-term business relationship is showcased in our application development life cycle which covers every aspect of designing, development, implementation and control. With mature project management skills and seamless communication we deliver each product with complete transparency in application development activities.

Our application development life cycle includes following:

  • Understanding Project Vision
  • Technical analysis and consultation
  • Business process analysis
  • To Be Process Formulation for Application Development
  • Proof of Application Concept and Prototyping
  • First Level User Testing and Experience
  • Quality Analysis and Planning
  • Application Design & Development
  • Implementation and Integration
  • Continuous Support and Improvement

With our customer oriented service approach you get:

  • Fully Functional Web Application which will match exactly with your business requirements
  • Complete control over front-end and back-end of application development process with seamless communication
  • Smart application integrating existing infrastructure with latest technology, keeping a scope for future developments and advancements
  • Seasoned quality analysis throughout the application development life cycle
  • Highly configurable and customizable application reducing future investments and costs involved in ownership of application
  • Implementation, Integration and an ongoing support for delivered application

To find out how our web application development can do all this for you, contact us.